GrainCorp, CARWARP Site Upgrade

May 13, 2013

Before the amenities upgrade the existing facilities could be described as “Primitive”. There was no lunchroom and a latrine toilet, which was unisex and used by both GrainCorp staff and truck drivers on site.
Carwarp site is very isolated from town- 20kms from the nearest town and Mildura 30kms away.
The new facilities, compared to what we had, are really good! “We feel civilised again!” Male & Female bathroom facilities are now separate. Having a lunch room fitted out with a fridge, table to eat at and microwave is terrific. We just need a pie warmer and it will be perfect!
The upgrade has definitely improved morale on site – “We feel appreciated by the company. Doesn’t feel like we are in the stone ages anymore!”
The actual implementation on site didn’t impact on daily work. It was non-intrusive and didn’t even feel like they were there.

Marco Pediglieri, Acting Grain Manager, GrainCorp

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