GrainCorp, Contract Project Manager

May 13, 2013

The amenities upgrade has seen a major transformation on these sites. There were virtually no toilets at all or very poor facilities on site beforehand. There were no ‘meeting room’/lunch room facilities at all for staff. There were no facilities for women in particular, which was problematic and uncomfortable for female staff members who work on these sites - particularly during Harvest when there is an increase in female workers.

Having been to each site as the amenities are being installed, you can see that the staff are appreciative, and that the benefits are felt as the facilities are much more comfortable. The facilities themselves are of the highest standard that’s required/for the amount being spent. Early ‘teething problems’ have been dealt with by the install team proactively and the supplier, Melbourne Portable Buildings, have been fantastic in getting the units up to the highest standard.

The team, under the direction of (PM) David Perris, has been working really well and seamlessly.  Great delivery team, assisting with delivering units from Melbourne to out on site. The process has been perfected and is easy to set up on site once the unit has arrived on site. After footings are completed, a plumber and then electrician hook the units up and they are ready to go. It is a matter of days once units are on site until it is commissioned/completely, ready to be used and staff are using the facilities.

Carwarp, Yaapeet, Donald, Boort, Charlton,  Hopetoun and Yelta sites are amongst the ten sites completely installed and commissioned to date in regional Victoria. Staff at these sites are using the facilities and happy with the upgrade. Boosted morale- visible in staff who didn’t believe that the upgrade (which had been talked about for so long) would actually happen to them. “Over the moon.”

Now all the sites want to know when they will get their upgrade!

Brian Hill, Contract Project Manager, GrainCorp

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